Looking for an answer to the question how to invest money well, it is worth considering the place of investment. The investment market offers various opportunities for entrepreneurs, many of which I have presented in previous texts. I have spoken about e.g. the Forex market, binary options, investment funds and investment diamonds. However, I discussed these topics quite briefly, so I decided to start a series of texts describing the investment place. I will start the series with the material in which I will characterize one of the most future-oriented stock exchanges – cryptocurrency exchange

Where to invest money now and in the future.

The 21st century is a time when investing online has developed incredibly, creating new investment markets. One of them is a cryptocurrency exchange.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a form of internet service that allows you to submit a proposal to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. It also offers to speculate on the price of the selected cryptocurrency…

To difficult? Okay, so easier… 

There are many markets in the world of investment, and one of them is Forex. Recall that this is a market where we can buy and sell currencies, or bet on a decrease or increase in their value. All we have to do is bet on the trend well and have a chance to multiply our capital. Cryptocurrency exchange operates on similar principles. By logging in to the platform, we have the opportunity to purchase a chosen virtual currency and store it in our catalogue. We can also bet whether the value of the selected currency will rise or fall. It seems quite simple, but it requires a proper understanding of the subject.

What to invest money in on the cryptocurrency exchange

In order to be able to start investing on the cryptocurrency exchange, we first need to know the basics of investing, and one of the most important information is what a cryptocurrency is.

A cryptocurrency is a distributed accounting system based on cryptography, which informs about the state of ownership of contractual units in the account. The owner of a virtual coin has control over it with a private key. The cryptocurrency is not a form of currency unit, so it has no physical state, but only electronic. We can store it on our computer, in virtual wallets, but we cannot hold it in our hands. What does it mean?

Imagine that all our money is transferred to an account secured by a special code and we can use it with a card. We get this money only in virtual form, because it has no physical form. They are also not associated with any state currency, so the division into euro, pound or dollar is irrelevant. As a result, our account is credited with a universal coin, which we can use everywhere.

And how to make money on the Internet from cryptocurrency?

Creating a universal coin was the main idea of designing a cryptocurrency. It turned out, however, that the cryptocurrency has also become a modern form of asset, because the traders could see its potential and were more and more willing to invest in it. The first cryptocurrencies included: 

  1. Bitcoin – the basic form of cryptocurrency, which started the era of virtual money. Bitcoin had the ambition to revolutionize the market, but it did not stand the test of time. All because of the outdated coding system, which in no way meets the requirements of modern customers. This has a very strong impact on the value of bitcoin, which once increases minimally and then falls drastically.
  2. Ethereum – it used to be called “bitcoin 2.0”. All thanks to a more refined technology that allows you to use ethereum as a virtual currency. Unfortunately, this currency has a significant problem of market scalability, which makes it very difficult to estimate its value. Ethereum owners may feel like millionaires once, and the other time like the poor.     

The above cryptocurrencies are most often found on the cryptocurrency exchange. They are very popular, but they also struggle with a huge dose of hatred. One of them is Jordan Belfort, known to the world as the “Wolf of Wall Street”. The former millionaire believes that:

The biggest problem with bitcoin is that someone can just steal it by hacking into your phone. I know such people. As a result, there may come a time when people start to panic and abandon this currency, which will have a strong impact on the market.  

Does it make sense? New currencies, new solutions

As the original cryptocurrencies lose their value, the question arises – what is the point? In my opinion, yes, but you have to invest it wisely. We can’t throw ourselves at something that is already expensive, because it may soon lose its value. It is better to keep a close eye on the market and look for offers that may be profitable over time. I spent several hours searching the investment markets and my attention was drawn to two cryptocurrencies.

  1. Cardanaso – it wasn’t easy to find it, as I dug out information about it from the depths of the Internet. As far as I know, it is a currency mined by specialists from South America and used by the local Internet users. It is distinguished by more refined cryptography securing access to the virtual wallet. As far as the value on the market is concerned, it is slight for the time being, but this may change over time, provided that Internet users from the South start to share it.
  2. Librecoin –  I came across this cryptocurrency by accident, reading reports from the last meeting of trade specialists in Geneva. I learned from the network that its main feature is modern technology that improves data transmission. Perhaps it has a chance to realize the original ideas behind the creation of cryptocurrencies. Currently, Librecoin is in the second phase of development and will soon be fully available, but you can invest in it now. I think that this practical character of the currency can translate into its value on the investment market. 

A cryptocurrency is an investment asset that operates under similar rules to all other assets. The principle is the same – if you want to invest you have to stay alert and analyze the market regularly. The people who made a lot of money on bitcoin are people who invested in it a few years ago. So it’s time to take a close look at the market and find the currencies of the future, which can increase their value over time. Only in this way we will know where to invest money.

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