These were supposed to be boring holidays. Due to work, orders and duties, Monika and I could not set off even for a week. All we could afford was a weekend and maybe a day or two of remote working. As a result, these were about to be boring holidays in Warsaw. However, now I know that this was one of the most intensive time in my life! How did that happen? Find out below. 

Organisation, or How to Plan a Trip

It is simple when the date of your days off is already specified. You can choose a destination, buy tickets, book a hotel, fly there and enjoy our free time. It is worse when you are stuck with orders and have not specified the date of your vacation yet. Then you have to do some serious thinking.

This is what happened to us last summer. I just got three big projects and Monika had to run several e-marketing campaigns which made us stuck in Warsaw in case we were needed. So how do you go on a trip in such a situation? Well, we had a plan. We made a list of places we wanted to visit, uploaded an application with a list of hostels, packed a bag, saved some money and established cooperation with Michał, who specialises in booking air tickets. Michał knew what places we were interested in and which dates to choose, more or less. And it looked like this:

Example: On Tuesday morning Michał calls and says ‘Hi guys, I have two tickets to Reykjavik on August 4–6. The price is GBP 540. Are you in?’ The answer was ‘Hell yeah’! Michał bought tickets, and we first arranged the work schedule, then Monika repacked the bag and I looked for hostels, and we prepared the documents together. Two days later we were on the plane. This continued for almost two months.

What About Money, or How to Invest While Travelling

Travelling is life — Hans Christian Andersen

When I talk about trips, I often hear that travelling is for the rich, money-earners or young bloods, and a common Mr. Smith cannot afford such luxury. However, I believe that the attitude depends on a person’s mentality, which can always be changed. When I did not have money, I travelled around the country for GBP 200–300. When I earned some, I visited Europe for GBP 500–700.  I quickly realized that travelling is not only a matter of earnings, but mainly a matter of organisation.

Well,the question is what to do when your work requires constant supervision? This is the case with investing. Every professional investor knows how important a regular market analysis is. So how to invest while travelling? Do it on-line.

The Internet is almost everywhere, especially in first world countries.  If you cannot find a Wi-Fi spot outside, use the internet in your mobile phone. Roaming is not that expensive any more, especially in EU countries. Smartphones and iPhones allow you to enter the virtual world from almost anywhere on earth.

If you want to know how to invest on-line, you should also use virtual platforms, such as binary options. Options are an easy way to invest on the internet. All you need to do is to set up an account, transfer some funds, select the investment area and click on what you invest in and specify how much you invest in it. You can also use the help of brokers and investment advisers who send significant news from the world of investment markets. By having constant access to the virtual platform, you can control the market situation and invest from anywhere in the world.

Example: When Monika and I were on our way to Bournemouth to see the cliffs, I got very important information on the app about the changes taking place on the market. I quickly logged into my platform and reacted to the situation by investing in selected assets. It took me 5 minutes, 5 minutes that made me richer. Moments later, Monika and I admired the British cliffs. 

Please remember that when travelling, you do not have to forget about your everyday businesses. Well, unless it is a vacation that you treat yourself with only once a year, then the escape is absolutely recommended. However, if you travel frequently and have to control current affairs, then the Internet turns out to be the perfect solution. Running e-marketing campaigns, creating websites or investing on-line requires only a computer, an access to the Internet and a moment of your attention. This allows you to perform our duties while being on the other side of the world.

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